CAD Conversion, Drafting and 3D Modeling

CAD conversion

GeoShot Technologies provides Architectural, Structural, MEP and all types of Engineering CAD conversion, drafting and 3D modeling services for worldwide clients.

Our CAD services:

  1. Architectural 3D modeling
  2. Paper to CAD Conversion
  3. Architectural CAD Conversion
  4. Structural CAD Conversion
  5. MEP CAD Drafting
  6. HVAC CAD Drafting
  7. Electrical CAD Drafting
  8. Plumbing CAD Drafting
  9. Digitization
  10. Hand Sketches to CAD Conversion
  11. Scanned Documents to CAD conversion

GeoShot offers end to end CAD conversion / drafting services, paper / scan to CAD conversions services with high precision and quality in synchronisation with global standards. GEOSHOT's CAD conversion services seamlessly convert paper drawings and maps into highly accurate digital files, with the help of its accurate CAD conversion method.

GeoShot experts are qualified engineers, architects and draftsmen who have extensive experience in CAD conversion and are accustomed to different high end software and have developed AutoCAD routines and programes in VBA and LISP.

Why you should consider us for CAD Conversion and drafting?

At GeoShot, we can proudly say that we are one of the best service providers in this domain in terms of economy, accuracy and speed.

☛ Economy

We bring surprisingly low cost for the highly accurate services, no matter the project is small or exceptionally large. We generate the standard expected by the clients and deliver exactly up to that level.

☛ Accuracy

We have hired skilled professionals with engineering background who have proficient knowledge and experience in handling CAD projects. Our expert professionals can correct the drawings to exactly match the scope or specifications provided.

☛ Meet Project Deadlines

Deadlines of the projects always seem to be close. Many smart managers hire us for drafting / converting all the paper images into CAD soon after the project commences. Our engineers and architects use their vital knowledge to do technical impementation / process automation, that many other cannot.

Outsourcing CAD services to GeoShot help clients save on time, costs and resources while receiving high quality drawings without the risk of delays or security issues.

Please check some of our work samples below:

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